God Mode/ Sui Generis 2

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God Mode continues the journey into the impossible. This hardback book contains the real secrets behind prop-less Mentalism performance and includes Fraser’s most up to date thinking on various plots and approaches as well as entirely new material, which has moved away from the use of the ‘re-frame’. 


Opus Discounted PDF

Digital Video Download

Opus contains over 8 hours of video teaching and performance of some of the best propless material created by Fraser. Including various peek methods and a two part interview. 


Silent Poets Discounted PDF

6th Book

Silent Poets is the sixth book from Fraser including various methods and approaches to modern Mentalism. 


Comply Discounted PDF

Comply PDF

Comply contains breakthough propless methods, principles and ideas created by Fraser during the first lock down period. 



Thought of Card by Perna

Contra is a completely hands off thought of card from the mind of Perna, utilising a standard deck of playing cards and entirely new principle. 



Propless Cue EMOG Principle

Gestalt is a groundbreaking new propless principle that allows you to secretly obtain a cue from your spectator. 


Oculus 2

Propless Date of Birth

Oculus 2 is an updated handling on the propless date of birth divination. Included are various direct propless methods, as well as as a streamline handling with playing cards. 



Card At Any Number

Azlan is a completely hands off Card At Any Number utillising a standard deck of playing cards that are shuffled by the spectator and never touched again by the performer. 


Sui Generis

Propless Any Word Guess

Sui Generis is a breakthrough system for guessing any word entirely propless. It allows for what is essentially a mental billet peek, without the need for anything to be written down by your spectator.